We work in partnership…

We know that Open Daw can do more by working in partnership with other local organisations than by working alone. That is easily seen by the different organisations who have come to Open Daw each month and offered their services.

We currently work with the Town Council led partnership Helping Dawlish, formed to help the community cope with the Covid-19 lockdown in Spring 2020.  During the first lockdown Open Daw Coordinators posted daily local and national information on our Facebook page which at the peak reached over 2,800 people. We were added as administrators of the Helping Dawlish Facebook page and still do the majority of posts to this page. At the peak posts reached just over 19,000 people. We also administrate the Helping Dawlish website. Working with several local partners we provided a range of services to help support the community over this difficult period and the partnership has continued, ready to support the community.


We worked with the Alice Cross Centre and Roots Community Engagement on setting up a bereavement support group in early 2019.

Working with Dawlish Against Plastic on a joint beach clean, extending our monthly town litter pick.

Working with the Town Council and the Dawlish Co-op Store by updating two event boards in the town at least once a week with local information.

Working with Dawlish Gardens Trust with selling their fruit and vegetables in 2019.

Working with the Poetry for Pleasure group – originally set up as part of Open Daw





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