We work in partnership…

We know that Open Daw can do more by working in partnership with other local organisations than by working alone. That is easily seen by the different organisations who come to Open Daw each month and offer their services.


We worked with the Alice Cross Centre and Roots Community Engagement on setting up a bereavement support group in early 2019.

Work with the Teignmouth and Dawlish Community Interest Company to put events and information on local organisations and groups in Teignmouth and Dawlish on the www.lovedawlish.co.uk and www.loveteignmouth.co.uk and social media so local people and visitors have a good idea of what goes on in Teignmouth and Dawlish!!

Working with Dawlish Against Plastic on a joint beach clean, extending our monthly town litter pick.

Joint Information and Fund Raising Events with Dawlish Community Transport, Assist Teignbridge and the Strand Community Centre. Through a joint Town Council grant we were able to fund information boards to go out to events when one of the four organisations attends. We have also held some joint fundraising events as well.

Working with Dawlish Redeeming Our Communities Project on an information project to see a interactive geographical map produced with information on local groups etc. http://www.loveteignmouth.co.uk/community-map/

Working with the Town Council and the Dawlish Co-op Store by updating two event boards in the town at least once a week with local information.

Working with Dawlish Gardens Trust with selling their fruit and vegetables in 2019.

Working with the Poetry for Pleasure group – originally set up as part of Open DAW.





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